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Seven Hidden Gems You'll Find at Lake Arvesta Farms

Arvesta Sport Complex steals the show at Lake Arvesta Farms - and it's no wonder why. Two hundred feet of inflatable floating fun sandwiched between an 80-foot slide and a five-pole cable wakeboard course is hard to miss. Situated on 188 acres, you will find so much more than meets the eye. Here are some Lake Arvesta Farms treasures that may just be hiding in plain sight.

  1. Old School Playground - It feels like a time warp when you stumble upon the playground at Lake Arvesta Farms. You'll immediately relive those carefree days of childhood as you watch kids take turns pushing a merry-go-round filled with new best friends. Tetherball, free-standing monkey bars, climbing dome, tunnel, a good ole' fashioned swing set, plus a ga-ga ball pit and in-ground trampoline will give your crew a lot to explore. We love hearing parents telling their kids their own stories of playground battle wounds from the good ole' days. Added bonus when you catch adults reliving their glory days of youth as they jump in on the fun.

  2. Kneeboarding at the wakeboard park - Wakeboarding is a ton of fun..especially when you can do it and do it well. However, when you can't quite yet stay up or face plant immediately upon takeoff, it can become not so fun fairly quickly. But not to worry! If you find wakeboarding isn't your thing, you can trade it in for a kneeboard and get right back on the course. The learning curve in kneeboarding is not as steep, and novices of all ages seem to quickly pick it up and have a full day of fun.

  3. Game Room - Ok, this one actually is slightly hidden. Take five from the sun, sand, and water and head up the stairs in the dining area to the loft, and you will find a room filled with old school games waiting to be discovered and loved by 21st-century friends. Classic arcade games, pool, ping pong, darts, shuffleboard, table bowling, skeeball, and checkers fill the space. Rush hour is usually right around dinner as the troops get called in for a break. Be on the lookout for overshot and dropping ping pong balls from above if you're in the vicinity.

  4. Trolley rides - Have you ever met a kid who hasn't wanted to ride on a trolley? Neither have we. A day at the farm wouldn't be complete without a trolley ride pulled by a tractor for a grand tour of the full 188-acres of Lake Arvesta Farms. Once away from the hustle and bustle of Arvesta Sport Complex, it's relatively common, morning, day, or evening to catch a glimpse of various wildlife native to Southwest Michigan on the grounds. The trolley is parked on the south side of the playground. Check inside the admission area for the day's schedule.

  5. Indoor Pickleball courts -The outdoor courts are hard to miss. There are always a few courts occupied with guests playing on the courts or shooting hoops on the adjacent basketball court. You might not know, however, that behind the outdoor courts and around the corner from the bar, there are four indoor courts open all year. Our on-site instructor, Scott, organizes tournaments, gives individual and group lessons, and hosts open play all year long. Long winters in South Haven are no longer a reason not to get out and play!

  6. Beginner Wakeboard Course - It's tiny and cute, just like most of its patrons. Located between the Wibit and the Cable wakeboard Park, the two-pole beginner course gives new wakeboarders an opportunity to learn the basics and get a feel for the process without feeling rushed or overwhelmed by spectators. With shorter lines and patient and helpful staff, beginners are up and ready to hit the big Cable wakeboard park in no time.

  7. Yard Games - Cornhole and ladder ball are prominently displayed near the admission area, along with kid-sized tractors and nostalgic teeter-totter. But again, slightly hidden by the playground, is another lawn filled with sets of cornhole, ladderball and even disc golf.

There you have it. Lake Arvesta Farms is a one-of-a-kind, family-friendly recreation venue that guarantees a day of fun for everyone, at every age, interest and skill.


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