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Memberships Available!



Learn and play pickleball all year long! 

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the country. If you haven't played before and want to try it out, Arvesta Sport Complex is the place to go to give it a try!


Offering indoor and outdoor courts, an onsite instructor, leagues and open court time, you'll have a great experience learning and playing at Lake Arvesta Farms. 

  • 9 outdoor courts

  • 3 indoor courts

  • Group and individual lessons 

  • Memberships

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Now Available!
Monthly Memberships May 1 - October 1

  • 5 outdoor courts available

  • 9 am - close 

  • 7 days a week


Outdoor courts only. No guarantee of specific court time amount. 

Additional courts will be opened if over 50 in attendance. 
Every additional 20 people added will add an additional court. 
If a membership holder comes after the hours of the membership the cost to play is $10/ person.

Group lessons

Group and individual lessons available. 

Group: $25 pp up to 8 

Individual: $50 per hour

Call to reserve time!

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Enter code: LApickleball







Learn skills and strategies at this day camp from Daniel J Howard, a professional pickleball player, instructor, as well as  General Manager and Operating Head Coach of D.C. Pickleball Team within Major League Pickleball.


Areas of Emphasis

  • Hitting to space

  • Effectively starting a point

  • Serves and returns

  • Third shot drops and drives

  • Midcourt/transition zone

  • Footwork

  • Dinks and volleys

  • Lobs and lob retrievals

  • Topspin and backspin

  • Game strategies

  • The power of a strong mind/focus

  • The role of decision-making

  • How to develop confidence and up your game

The Camp Is Ideal for participants at 3.0 - 3.9 skill levels

Friday, September 8 4pm – 8pm
Saturday, September 9 8:30am – 12:30pm

Stay tuned for more to come at Arvesta Sport Complex

We're just getting started! Check back often to to follow our progress and learn about new additions to the Park! 

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